Saturday, April 19, 2014

Now, just so you know, my name is Todd Hannaford and I have been in the Bethalto School District for the last 17 years.  I have a wonderful wife, Wendy, and three great children. Ethan is 12 years old and is in sisth grade.  Malynn is 10 years old and is in fifth grade and my youngest, Bella is six years old and is in first grade.  I thoroughly love spending time with my family as well as attending and serving in my church.  I love to read, watch sports and my family loves to vacation.

Be Responsible, Be Respectful and Be Safe

Working in a primary building has to be one of the most rewarding experiences that I have ever had.  I can say this confidently as I have had the opportunity to work at every level in the Bethalto School District.  Through-out my career in Bethalto I have taught science at TMS to seventh and eighth graders, I served as the Dean of Students and Assistant Principal at Civic Memorial and as the principal at Bethalto West when it was an intermediate, fourth and fifth grade, school.  Each provided their own rewards and challanges and I am thankful for each each as I continue my experiences in the field of education.

The primary building, like the other levels of education, provides for its own set of challenges but there is no other level where you get to see a tremendous amount of growth in a relatively short amount of time.  Take for instance, most if not all students come in to kindergarten not being able to read and by the time the middle of the year students have read their first small book.  In regards to math, they are now learning to sort, count and eventually they take their first steps towards adding and subtracting.  The growth is phenominal and so exciting to watch.  

If you have ever been in a high school where the seniors get to, "rule the roost" so to speak, in a Pre-K, K and 1 building you get to see the first graders come in to the building with a comfort level where they get to also, "rule the roost" as they are now the big people on campus.  Students at this level enter with rudimentary reading and math skills and leave with polished skill and prepared for second grade.  We are so proud of them when they leave and miss them tremendously.

What about the littlest of little ones, our Pre-K?  It is such a huge pleasure to see play-based education at work.  Our staff works diligently to provide an educational base academically and in the arts.  Like kindergarten the amount of growth the students display is impressive.  Our Pre-K program helps to set the stage for students as they prepare for kindergarten.  

Each level at East is amazing and I, as the principal of this building, am so proud of each level and of each person who helps to make each day worth while for our students.

Way to go Bethalto East! 

Here's to a wonderful 2013!

Mr. Hannaford

Principal, Bethalto East Primary